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Student Protection Plan

First Kare Academy

An assessment of the range of risks to the continuation of study

The first Kare academy will do a feasibility analysis prior to initiate the Higher education operations in our college. Our managers and Leaders decided to keep different portfolios of business to make the regular cashflow. we have FE provisions which encompasses the Apprenticeship, Adult education Budget sub contract arrangements to cover the financial performance if our operations are low in higher education. Our Business continuity plan covers the risks involved and we comply with that all the times. The directors will make a distinct dividend policy to keep more financial resources in the company in case of any sudden failures in income.

We have only one campus and we will only add additional campuses after appropriate risk-based analysis. Any additional sites will be approved by our board after the full analysis on financial outcome and students’ demand.   Our Market research will render a clear picture for a demand of a new sub site.

First Kare Academy will only run a single programme for the first three years as a pilot and any additional programmes will be decided after proper market analysis. We have a very strong student engagement strategy to get student voice about the courses and facilities. As far as the first single programme is concerned we have sufficient experience in low level which is apprenticeship and level three in that particular discipline and these students will progress to Higher education and we will deliver their HE in the same discipline without any hinderance.

As we are teaching one programme which is very familiar for our Assessors and Internal verifiers and this will minimise the risk in terms of teaching staff. We have full time teachers and freelance teachers as substitutes in case of any absence by the full-time teaching staff.  We have more than one staff for each programme with fully trained in assessment and delivery of a particular programme. So we would provide excellent teaching and learning facilities even with staff absence.

Measures put in place to mitigate those risks

As we cited above we are going to deliver this higher education provision with the limited numbers within our capacity. In this case even if any failures we would assist them to pursue their education with our local FE college and the nearest HE provider who has the same discipline. We will have appropriate coordination with the HE providers in our region and in case of any sudden failures in our programme delivery we will place them with those providers. Our freelance teaching staff are also working with those HE providers and this will help more comfortable for our students to pursue with the new provider as well.

We will have regular meetings i.e twice a year with the other HE providers to share the practices.

If any students apply for special pathways we will sign post them to the nearest HE provider in the region who delivers that programme.

We will only start if we got sufficient student for a cohort for pathways

Refund Procedures

First Kare Academy will have clear refund policy in place for home and overseas students.

As per to the financial table we decided to keep the shareholder funds at a high always and we reduce the amount of dividends from 2018/19 financial year.

This will ensure that the company will have sufficient funds in place for refunds for our Students. In case of change of premises, we will provide the difference for the travelling cost for students.

The student fee is not refundable due to poor attendance or very poor performance despite several warnings by the college. The learning agreement spells out the clear terms and conditions of refunds

As far ass the overseas students are concerned we do refund their student fees in case of visa refusal or non-continuation of their studies

Overseas students may return to their home country or transfer to another bona fide UK Higher Education Institution at any time. If they wish to be eligible for a refund, they are required to withdraw from their course of study at the College by the end of week four of the academic session. Students should follow the College’s formal withdrawal process in accordance with the College’s academic regulations.

Refunds to students

In line with UK money laundering laws any fee paid will only be refunded to the person who paid the fee. In some cases this will mean that a sponsor (commercial or personal) or other body will be the individual who the College will refund.

  • Cash

Refunds if made should follow the method by which the money was received:

  • Debit / Credit cards – refund made back to the original card – if refund rejected, refund to another card in the same name with appropriate ID verification.
  • Cheque payments – refund via cheque to account in the name of original payee.
  • Cash payments – refund via cheque – proof of identity needed.
  • Bank drafts – refund to the bank against which draft raised.
  • Bank transfers – ask payee to get their bank to request repayment – authorisation given by College for our bank to allow refund. Should this request be out of time or repayment request cannot be processed – refund via bank transfer back to the originating bank only.
  • Bank transfers remain the final option should all other routes fail.

Home and EU students will be taught until  the end of the particular semester in case of any course validation withdrawals or other academic issues

Information for our Students

Our Student protection plan and will be reviewed regularly by the academic board. The board will consist of student representative in the meetings and further more we will get suggestions and opinions form students through their Class representative meetings.

The student protection plan will be updated in accordance with the OfS regulations and CMA regulations. We will publish the student protection plan with new updates every year.

We will add this on the student hand book and our VLE as well.

Student protection plan will be reviewed and updated in regular basis by the academic committee and with the assistance of student lead representatives.

Our information officer will be responsible to publish the new updates



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